Expedition to respect
August 17th 2000

Greifswalder Street - Berliner Allee - start: 2pm

A Woman stops in a hurry to pick up her child from Daycare on her way home from
"I feel respect at home. Also at work at "Berlin Mitte". You need to have an
opinion and stick to it to be respected."

Be as you are, and you will be respected !

1 Indira Gandhi Street - Weissenseer Way 89 - start: 4:58pm

A woman stops. She says she was just thinking about hitch-hiking before she
turned the corner and saw me. She does not like to hitch-hike anymore.

"Respect? First I must define respect... For me respect means to act whilst
looking out for others. Sensitivity for the thoughts of others. To show interest
in what lies beyond myself. Respect, however does have limits."

I feel respected at home, from my two children and my husband. Outside of my home
I would spontaneously name the SHAMBALA in the Greifenhagener Street and the
Prenzlauer Mountain and with my friends.

Greifswalder Street /Storkower Street - start: 2pm
Comment during hitch-hiking

What does respect mean? My name is Iwan and I am Cossack, unfortunately I cannot
understand all German words. I used to be a Doctor.

I recognize you. You were in the newspaper today. You are the reality runner. Do
you want to drink some Vodka?

Greifswalder Street /Storkower Street - start: 2pm
Comment during hitch-hiking

Is that a psychology study that you are doing? I thought you were standing here
with respect to compensate for all those cars that didn't stop to take you along.

"A place where I feel respected? In the "Old Canteen" / Schoenhauser
corner Danziger, a Disco, it is marvelously uncool there."
Read "Big Books" by J. Erpenbeck and "The Story of the Old Child".

Greifswalder Street /Storkower Street - start: 2pm
Comment during hitch-hiking

I am going on vacation to Bali. I just bought DM 200 worth of medication for the
trip. Where do you want to go? To respect?

"Prenzlauer Mountain is a place of respect. You walk around any which way you
want, with a garder belt or with long dreadlocks, it is totally O.K. There are a
lot of young cool people there".

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