Expedition to Luck
August 29th 2000

Oberbaum Street/Schlesisches Tor - Start: 1:30pm

good mood
sunny 26”C
0 passing cars
Bike, 1 Passenger, female 30-40 years of age

What luck! The first vehicle passing by stops. It is a woman who does not have a
carrier on the back of her bike. I peddle, she sits on the seat.

We are driving to a kids store where her son is. The drive is somewhat burdensome
but we arrive safely. The kids store is located in a beautiful courtyard with big
trees. We make coffee and eat cookies, while the children awaken after their nap,
one after the other.

"Most of the time you realize in hindsight what a moment was like, what kind of
lucky moment it was. To be happy is a very touching feeling in your body, I do
not really know what it is like. Euphoria? Euphoria is too much. It is simply
contentment. You can be happy without luck. To be happy is a state that suddenly
occurs. An inner contentment. It is probably influenced by hormones. I have a lot
of power when I ovulate. I am however, in moments where I am happy also very
skeptical because I think that it could soon end... Sugar makes life sweet.
Happiness is not related to geographics.

Her son Merlin wants to play which enables us to go into further detail about
happiness. I play ball with him and ask him what his idea of happiness is. "When
you see a big spider, find gold or the day is longer".

They all start to play in the sandbox and I move on.

Mariannen Place - start: 3:30pm

Comment while waiting

I lost my wallet today. Luckily there was no money in it only my ID...

Mariannen Place - start: 3:30pm

Comment while waiting

A boy stops to ask me what I am doing. I say that I am looking for
luck/happiness. "hmmm. I once was lucky when I fell off my bike and didn't fall
on my head".

Mariannen Place - start: 3:30pm

good mood
sunny 26”
50-100 passing vehicles
Pedestrian, female 19-30 years of age

"Luckily my weekends are okay. At the North Sea or the East Sea you can reach
happiness/luck easier. Forget that Denmark is after the horizon, just because you
would have to admit that it ends right after the horizon and that way you would
not be able to enjoy it so much. It is a feeling like the world is big and
fantastic and I am a part of it.
Try to take the suburban train up north and hitch-hike from the service area on
the autobahn. Also in Berlin... the Britzer Gardens, that is happiness especially
in summer when the waterfalls flow. In the middle is a lake and there is a
restaurant that looks like a miniature cave. Unfortunately, we cannot go right
now as I must work soon. But go there sometime, there used to be a national
botanical garden show there, they knew what they were doing. I have to go to the
Orthopedic. I hurt my knee while dancing, I was happy, I had so many happy
hormones in my blood I didn't even notice the pain. "

I wait for her in the waiting room of the Orthopedic as she is x-rayed.

"I have found one more place of happiness, only I cannot bring you there, you
have to go there by yourself in spirit. Look up in the sky and the clouds in the
light. They could be anything a forest or an ocean...".

We leave the Doctor's office and are back on the street. What luck that is the my
friend's car. He can certainly take you along. We wait for the friend and drink
ice tea.

"I live in the southern part of Berlin, I could not be happy here, everything is
too cramped, too small, too loud, too many people and too many Turks. I would
rather live in the south-end, I have a garden there and in the morning the birds

There are people that are completely happy in a place where they feel safe, where
nothing can invade them from afar. Some people are happy there. Others would go
insane: everything is too cramped here, terrible. Some people need space around
them, freedom. I am such a person, I need a far view.

I am not saying that it is better. Some people need a capsuled-off space.
I am not like that, I need to be able to see the horizon. I need the feeling that
there is adventure everywhere. The world is fabulous, far-reaching. I am happiest
when I feel like a part of it. I always know I am, but when I feel like I am, I
am happy."

Her friend comes but cannot take me along, because he is helping a friend with a
move. We walk in direction of Moritz Place, she takes the metro and I stand on
the street again.

Oranien Street/Moritz Place - start: 4:30pm

good mood
sunny, 25”
after 50-100 vehicles had passed
Car, Passenger=1; female, 40-50 years old

A woman stops. She is on her way to Schoeneberg, to look at an apartment that she
must renovate.

"I could use a bit of luck. Happiness is the feeling that you do the right thing,
at the right time, in the right place. You do that in life what you actually
should be doing. It doesn't have to be harmonious when, when you have the feeling
that you are doing the right thing. You feel it inside, it is like being
magnetized. When you follow this way and it works then that is good.

At the moment I am only busy. The inner happiness can endure for months or for
years. From the outside one may seem to be sad. I do not mean you need an
objective, that you have to know where you are going, you just have to feel that
you are on the right track.

There is such a thing as an inner voice, that you have to follow, but it also
often contradicts with oneself. Sometimes you get influenced by other people or
by yourself and you start to doubt and you do the wrong thing. To let yourself
get in doubt is wrong. Sometimes you cannot hear your inner voice because it is
too loud outside.

There is always only one now, and when you notice that nothing positive is
happening with yourself then it is a negative moment. You do not need any
standards to recognize what is going on. You can feel without measuring. You do
not need a past or a future to do that."

We go to the apartment of her friends, that is two stories above the apartment
that needs to be renovated. We keep talking about happiness. Her friend says "You
cannot beat happiness. It is a state that can only be reached for a moment." His
Wife says "Happiness are only moments that occur seldomly, like when I met my
husband and the time that I spend with him."

The apartment only needs to be painted. She accepts the job, and leaves for home.
We say goodbye.

Haupt Street

I am eating Wong-tong in the "Asia Snack Bar Grunewald".

Haupt Street/Metro Bavarian Place start: 5.50pm

good mood
sunny, 22”
50-100 vehicles have passed
Car, Passenger=1; male, 50-60 years old

"I am driving a couple streets farther to my old home, and then to Einstein under
the linden trees.

Happiness is probably that what you currently wish and do not have. That is the
meaning of happiness for the most people. For me happiness is when you have found
your purpose. Your purpose can be everything. An objective that you should
reach. When you are born and you have a purpose, you do not live your life by
coincidence until you are nothing but ashes.
I think that I have found a purpose in my life. Everyone has to develop their
main purpose on their own, through discovering yourself. This is not meant in the
sense that you have to paint or build machines. Your purpose can be creative or
technical. The essential part is to develop yourself. I found my purpose
consciously 15 years ago.

Happiness is the highest goal that you can reach. The philophosers call it self
realization. The goals of a person have a pyramid form. The first is something to
eat that he doesn't starve. The second is a nice, safe place to live. A person
wants a job in return for good pay. The highest goal is self-realization. Many
people have misinterpreted the pyramid. They think that he who does not have
enough food, or a roof over his head cannot reach self-realization and that is
false. The term self-realization was inserted into the pyramid form. It comes
from the motivational theory. The thinking of labor unions. How can you motivate
an employee other with money. Is that the same as happiness?

There is a saying you were lucky. You were lucky when you win in lotto or you ran
across the street without being hit by a car, although there was one. I wish you
a lot of luck on your birthday is a frequent saying.

The difference between luck as an incident and the state of being happy. Although
they have the same root in the German language, there is definitely a difference.
Luck is something that happens at sometime, happiness is something that you can
reach, a state that can remain stable, independent of the energy that you
Happiness is very relative. For someone it could be a very small thing, for
another it has to be a lot. Certain conditions are needed to feel happy. If
something unlucky happens you can no longer be lucky. So it doesn't only depend
on holding on to the feeling, but also that the conditions remain positive.
Unlucky happenings are external influences, I am not so sure about lucky ones.

If you ask people about happiness I am sure the most will relate to relationships
rather than to materialistic things..."

On the rest of our trip we talk about living, housing, and old Berlin days after
the war.

the Linden Trees/Cafe Einstein - start: 7pm
good mood
sunny, 22”
0-50 vehicles have passed
Bike, Passenger=1; male, 18-30 years of age

A Velo-taxi stops.

"Normally Velo-taxi drivers do not take hitch-hikers, but my shift has ended, I
can take you along to Alexander Place. My happiness is gone. In the past when I
didn't think so much about things, it was there...".

Unfortunately we were not able to discuss further, as the distance to the driver
was to big. I enjoy my first Velo-taxi drive ever.


Alexander Place/Forum Hotel - start: 7:16pm

Comment during waiting.

I am standing next to the taxi stand. A driver leans out of his car window and
speaks to me in broken German.

"I have no luck, never had it. I have seen happiness but I do not understand.
What is happiness? Happiness I get from women. Men give less happiness. Do you
know the black cafe on Kant Street? I was there yesterday and mentioned that word
in front of a girl. She said if you are looking for happiness go to another girl.
I said I will stay with you not only in a bar. I would like to speak with you and
have a bit of happiness. Then she said give me your telephone number and when I
have time, I«ll call you and we can meet. I said okay, I gave her a piece of
paper with my number, and as she left I saw that she left it on the table."

Alexander place/Forum Hotel - start: 7:16pm

Comment during waiting.

A biker rides by and says "That is where I am going to now!"

Alexander Place/Forum Hotel - start: 7:16pm

Comment during waiting.

"My girlfriend just saw you here and phoned me. I had to come here. I am supposed
to ask you why you are standing here."
He takes a picture of me and invites me to his birthday party tomorrow in the
"Old Berlin". I am happy to go.
"Then you can talk to her yourself tomorrow."

I drove by the next evening, but didn't feel like going in.

Alexander Place/Forum Hotel - 7:16pm

Nobody seems to want to give me a lift. My standing there seems to make many
people happy, I receive many smiles. I am tired and happy and take the metro

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