Expedition to Money
August 25th 2000

Potsdamer Place
start: 2pm
good mood
sunny, 24 C
50-100 cars have passed
Car, male, 40-50 Years of age
A delivery truck stops.
Hi where do you want to go ? Get in.
Yeh money, I am trying to work for myself, and not for someone else. Everybody
must find the right thing for himself, you know. I earn my money with
flea-markets. Mainly at the Kennedy and Arkona Place. I wonder where all these
people who hang around in cafes get their dough.
Lately a guy in Zehlendorf told me he renovated a house for 500 DM/qm, he got the
building for free, some sort of barrack. He told me he earned his money with
internet, I didn't ask him how.

Lift 2

Grossbeeren Street 56
start: 3:20pm
good mood
sunny, 24 C
50-100 cars have passed
Car, female, 40-50 Years of age
A woman comes out of a health food store and asks me if I want money, I say yes.
"I think money is a form of energy, you do not need money, you need to let your
money flow. I am only driving around the corner to my home. If I can show you
places that are charged with this energy? My home is a very charged energy spot
for me.

I noticed that when I began to stash away money, count it and save, then it got
to be less. When I do not stress the importance of money, also at times where I
do not have so much, then money always came to me.
Generosity with those who do not have so much.
For me that is something very spiritual, I have learnt to trust the universe and
have found much liking with the idea.
Five years ago I could not convince myself about such an energy or the fact that
there is a universe. I had opened a large office and was afraid that it would not
work out.
I had found a factory loft, and from the first moment I knew I would work there.
My head was filled with skepticism, yea, yea, you think this is the place for you
are imagining that you have the right feeling, I'll never get it, there are so
many other more solvent people interested in it, they'll get it before you. A
woman who does super vision influenced me to think positive. She advised me to do
a ritual. At first I found the idea absurd, but I did it and I am convinced that
is why I got the loft. I sat down, lit two candles and imagined how the office
would look like. I sent the administration of the building this energy. He was
on vacation at the time, the person filling in said I don't know, we'll have to
wait for him to get back.
When he got back, he was super friendly and took me on a tour of the building,
where he also showed me other rooms, there was a room that was even nicer and
that is where I moved in."

We get out of the car and go into her home. She shows me the place where she did
the ritual. I have been doing Feldenkreis treatments for twelve years. I was
always afraid something would go wrong, I looked at my bank account statements,
calculated, how many patients I needed to make a profit etc... that's how I made
my life difficult. I sat down and figured out how to entangle. Now I realize the
less I occupy myself with the better it is. I shared an office with someone
before, I didn't have any financial concerns then, they began when I was
completely responsible for myself.

My then colleague works with children, and I work with adults. It didn't work out
any longer, because the kids were running through the practice during treatments.
I now have my own practice and only do Feldenkreis treatments.

Although I come from a good family, my father was Professor in Medicine, we never
had any money. I did not inherit anything. We belonged to the upper middle class
and lived in Frohnau. I left quite early and moved to
Kreuzberg. That was quite the culture shock, it was like moving from the village
to the city, although it is the same city.
I have always lived in Berlin. After University I thought of going to Africa to
help develop third world countries, but then I found a job and stayed here. I am
afraid to leave Berlin, I was raised quite protectively, I would have never gone
alone. Then I also fell in love here, oh well. I like it here and I find it a
great gain that the wall is gone.
The growing together of our city is incredibly close. It is a great chance to
see and feel how two differently socialized groups of people collide. I have
people in my group and friends that are from the east. The gestures, facial
expressions and language are so different. I find it exciting but also difficult.
One last tip:
Share money, do not hold on, especially if you are an artist your budget could be
quite tight. Even if you have little, let it flow.

Lift 3

York Street
start: 4:30pm
good mood
sunny, 25 C
0-50 Cars have passed
Car, male, 30-40 Years of age

Do you have to go somewhere in particular? I am driving to Friedrichshain.
I earn my money with individual help, I look after Exdrogen and tablet addicts.
Normally you only have one person to look after all day, but at the moment I have
five. I have been doing this for ten years, but I am stopping in March. Then I
am going to take off, if you work for ten straight years you have to get out for
a while.

It is very brave of you to stand here with money. I though gee, what does he
want. Two years ago I found 46.000 DM. That was at a woman's place who was a
tablet addict. The first visit to her home, the place was a total wreck. You
know grandmothers, they always put paper in kitchen cabinets where they put their
dishes on.

I looked in the cabinet and thought why are the plates standing so crooked. I
looked and found 900 DM folded normal and one horizontally in an envelope with a
window, the kind you get from the government. Packs of one thousand Dm and there
were 46 of them in the cabinet. Here comes the punch line: remember in 1989, new
bills were introduced, I found them two years ago, old hundred mark bills. At the
time I thought, gee they are no longer worth anything. At the time I thought of
leaving her the security of her stashed away money. I didn't want to take it away
from her, I don't mean stealing it, I mean reporting it to the bureau. Leave it
for her it is totally comforting. A cushion a pile of coal, that was a pile I
tell you. Things like that I do have to report to the bureau. On weekends other
people take over their care, sometimes students or who knows who. Maybe somebody
would have taken it. The world is bad, and if you have so many bills in front of
you. .. I told the bureau and in five minutes three people came to pick up the
money. We opened an account for her. I found the money in October and in December
she had already earned DM 800,--.
For people that are hooked on tablets it is very difficult, it is like they are
surrounded by clouds. It is hard to reach them. That woman had taken down all the
mirrors, all the knobs of the radios were broken off, so that no voices or faces
from the mirror could approach her. She was already totally crazy.
The story has a bad end, the woman is dead. That was one year later. I was on
vacation, I always go to a Greek island. When I was back in town I heard they
found her in front of her apartment door with an ironing board on her head.
Luckily I wasn't there, when someone dies the criminal police always comes, and
somehow you always have certain guilt feelings. Do you know what I mean: I do not
have anything to do with it but... She wanted to go to her neighbors, she saved
everywhere where she could, that is also why she had such a pile of money, no
telephone maybe also due to the voices or being afraid that it was bugged.
Totally paranoid and super difficult to reach them. Most often they have a
family doctor that prescribes them tablets over years to calm them down, to
suppress their perception. That was my story about money. We always find money,
but so much! The best part was we had to trade in the old bills at the central
bank, that cost DM 70,--. I thought wow! You must have to proof where the money
is from, it could have been from a bank robbery.
My girlfriend takes care of my money, because I tend to blow it, so I get an
allowance. We have household money and I have to pay DM 330,-- to another woman
with whom I have a son. Not having money is very bitter. You also get very
fixed on it, when you don't have any money.
When you always have a little, enough to cover the basics then that is okay. I
was in Poland on the weekend. Friends of mine bought a farm there. Now I want to
buy one too. It is difficult because Poland is not in the EU and as a EU citizen
you cannot buy any land. You have to use a middle man. You go to a notary in
Poland and enter into a 30 year lease contract with him. Then you have to meat in
Berlin with him at a notary's office and sign another contract that in five
years, when Poland is in the EU you become the owner of the house that you paid
DM 17.000,-- for, so that he doesn't cheat you. It is a frame-work farm, with a
big house, a stable, a barn and land all for DM 17.000,--. My girlfriend and I
are looking for a house for quite some time, and because I work in Berlin I
should live in the area. And I won't move to Brandenburg, there are too many
fascists, I don't want any of those right-winged packs around me. To have them
make my life miserable. For now we'll work on our supposed careers and sometime
that will be the place where we will retire. My parents help us out also
financially, they are pensioners that like to renovate, do you know the kind?

Lift 4

Boxhagener Street 68
start: 5:25pm
good mood
sunny, 24 C
50-100 cars have passed

A young man approaches me and asks me to hop on to his bike carrier. He rides one
block and stops at the bank.

Get up.

"People are always talking more about money. I read something today, that I
liked: Society is in an inflationary tendency toward ideal values. This sentence
expresses exactly what is going on at the moment. Everything is measured in money
and soon things that you cannot buy will increase in value ie. freedom.
When I sit in a cafe and hear the people talking on their mobiles it costs DM
28,--, no you can get it for DM 24,--, you have to round up etc... I tried to
live without any financial support from my father. I am now studying and he now
supports me, but I try to be thrifty. When I have money I do enjoy treating
myself, sometimes I might invite someone to dinner without looking at the prices.
That is part of it, you have to learn not to be so thrifty and be able to spend .
I like to spend, but I try to spend it in family like stores even if it is more
expensive, it is better than making big corporations even richer.
I think that when you are happy, you have as much money as you need. You are
happy when you do what you want to do, and there are many things that you can do
without money. Or you spend your money when you are happy, and when that no
longer works you look for other things that make you happy. I know quite a few
people that have a lot of money. They do not work so hard or are on a money
quest, they get it, because they are doing what they want".

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