Expedition to RELAXATION
10. August 2000


Warschauer Street - Simon-Dach Street

On a bike carrier on the way to Simon-Dach Street, ate lunch with her colleagues

"I was the most relaxed ever when I was hiking with a friend on vacation. I was
totally exhausted, I closed my eyes and held onto his backpack and trailed behind
him. When we arrived I didn't care about anything. Suddenly I had understood the
meaning of life ..."

When it is sunny I relax every second day at the Goerlitzer Park directly by the

Try Meditating!
Sit still and try not to think about anything.

Gruenberger Street - Revaler Street - start: 3:50pm

A Taxi driver is interested in why I am standing around with a sign and takes me
along for a bit.
"I can only relax when the sun shines down from the sky."

Warschauer Street - Kotbusser Damm - Start: 4:30pm

A woman stops. She is nervous and looking for her telephone. She wants to leave
the city in a hurry.

"I cannot relax in this city. I need peace and quiet. The old people really get
on my nerves. I just quit my job as a mobile geriatric nurse. My nerves are
"I am able to relax at home in bed if I have time off from work.

Look for a peaceful spot, where there are no noises!

Kotbusser Damm- Urban Harbor - Start: 5:45pm

An expensive sports car stops. An elegantly dressed black man gets out, laughs
and asks me: "Where do you want to go man?, He drives me to Urban Harbor.

"I relax when I sit still or in a Cafe. When I do sports or am together with
I will show you a place where you can relax:
Sit down, do not think about anything and listen to the noises around you, while
looking at the water.

I am sitting at Urban Harbor, on the grass at the Landwehr Canal. A light wind
is blowing, other people are sitting on the grass too, pedestrians and bikes pass
by. Occasionally I hear parts of conversations, the sun is warm. I relax and do
not think about anything.

All texts are part of ExpeditionBerlin

Publishing only after consult with tourist research / Philip Horst